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Here is what is happening in the West Coast Area.  News from Our Council, Chapter, Clubs and our members.


PSA Roundup Chapter Photography Event April 26th!

Dear S4C Participant:

If you are a member of the Photographic Society of America (PSA) you have received an email announcing this event – or you may have received it though other channels – and we apologize for the duplication. If you participate in S4C and are not a PSA member, you can join PSA for $45.00 and receive a one-year PSA digital membership and free attendance at this event.

On Saturday, April 26, 2014, there will be a fun-filled and inspiring photography event that is free for PSA membersGeorge Lepp and Robert OToole will be the featured speakers. The day will also include an opportunity to: take a photo Walk-About around the historic Mission Inn, sell your used cameras and lenses, checkout some of the latest cameras and lenses, purchase and have autographed George Lepp’s books, signup for Robert OToole’s newsletter, and socialize with photo friends from the southwestern area.

Online registration is required and you need to be a PSA member for your registration to be confirmed, but you can also register provisionally and then join PSA. Registrants will receive a badge lanyard on the morning of the event to be worn for admission.

Signup for the Friday photo Walk-About is on a first-come, first-served basis – however, the maximum number of registrants has already been reached, but you can register to become wait listed in case there are any cancellations. For Saturday night names will be drawn from a pool of those signing up for the Walk-About.

This event will be held at the California Baptist University in Riverside, CA. If this is a lengthy drive for you, consider carpooling, staying at a motel Friday or Saturday night, and participating in the sunset photo Walk-About or area activities (e.g., explore the California Museum of Photography, tour the Mission Inn).

For the event schedule, links to the speakers web sites, tips for selling your equipment, location directions and maps, a list of area activities, and online registration go to the PSA Roundup Chapter website.

I look forward to seeing you on April 26,

Launching S4C Competition Year

Dear S4C Participant:

Welcome to a new S4C competition year.
As previously announced, the S4C Board has decided on some major changes this year (click here for details):
  • Print competitions have been discontinued for lack of sufficient interest. Many of us are sad to see them go – as we were with slides – but this seems to be a national and international trend.
  • There is a brand new section in the Pictorial Division: Studio Color. Please click here for the definition. The definition should be read with some care. This section is split off from Individual Color: images eligible for entry into Studio Color will not be eligible for entry into Individual Color and vice-versa. Monochrome studio-style images are still eligible for entry into the Monochrome section.
  • The AAA skill levels have been discontinued in Pictorial Interclub and Pictorial Individual Color. This has resulted in some juggling of skill levels for Individual Color: the AAA Skill Levels have been combined with the AA Skill Levels (but, again, images eligible for Studio Color cannot be entered). The Studio Color section has been launched with the former AAA’s from Pictorial Color at Skill Level AA; the former AA’s from Pictorial Color at Skill Level A; with all others starting at Level E. There are a few exceptions to this pattern.
  • Human Elements (objects made by humans) of any kind may no longer be entered into any Nature competition. This removes an ambiguity (for S4C) that has long plagued entrants and judges. So no more birds sitting on fenceposts!

Another change is with the increasing benefits of remote judging becoming apparent, the Board decided that there will only be two ‘physical’ competition meetings in 2013–2014: in November 9 and Apri12. These will be held as usual at California Baptist University. They will also feature Board and Delegates’ Meetings, so please mark your calendars if you are affected!

Thank you for participating in S4C. We look forward to your entries.
With regards
_________Stuart Lynn
Southern California Council
of Camera Clubs (S4C)
Sign up to be added to S4C’s exhibition announcements email list!
Please let me know if you have any questions. You can email me


Wednesday Feb 8th, 2012
  Here are the results of the January 2012 PSA-PJ Interclub Digital Competition.
       The judging was done by the West Cumbria Camera Club in the UK.  The judges were
Rosamund Macfarlane
Christine Hodgson
Bas Montgomery


Tips for Santa Anita

Contributed by: Helen Henry

After registration, all participants will be able to photograph morning workouts, which conclude at 10 a.m.  At this time a breakfast buffet will be served and a question and answer session with track photographers, trainers and management will follow. After breakfast you will have time to photograph Santa Anita itself.  Wander around, the grounds and architecture are great.

First race post time is 1 p.m., and all participants will be granted access to the track’s paddock and winner’s circle throughout the afternoon.  Be prepared for it to be hot and bright. You will have to shoot around the rail, posts and many other obstacles.

  1. Freeze Action: Use a fast shutter speed for this, probably 800.  As the horses are coming toward you focus on the horse you think is the most important. As they come closer take a few shots in a row and follow as they pass continuing to shoot. This will give you different angles. Front, side then back.
  2. Panning: Use a slow shutter for this, maybe 25. Follow the horses as they pass at the same speed as they are passing you. Turn your body into a solid tripod, support the lens with your arms close to your body, rotate from waist.  Start panning before you take the shot and continue panning afterwards. This takes a little practice. Hopefully in the end you will have one horse in perfect focus and the rest blurred.
  3. Use predictive or continuous focus mode. This is called AI Servo on Canon and AFC on Nikon.
  4. If you bet on a horse, bet on the winning one! Have fun.
  5. Monday August 15, 2011

Please visit to purchase tickets or for further information.

C’mon  Please send me the results from the OC County Fair

More Orange County Fair,

Tuesday May 24th, 2011

Results for the PSA-PJ Interclub Digital Competition

Thursday May 19th, 2011

The  Angle from Channel City Camera Club is available.

Great Reading!

Wednesday April 27, 2011

Here is a picture from a lighting workshop that The Channel City Camera Club had last night. It was taught by Glen Derbyshire, a local pro photographer and teacher of lighting at SB City College.  Many members attended and had a great time.

Photo by Russ Lombardo,

Tuesday April 26, 2012

It’s that time of year again…time to enter the Orange County Fair.  Here are the details

Good Luck!!!


On Monday the 7th of Feb. 2011

On Thursday January 27th, 2011

Here is a picture from the year end party of the

Artistic Photographic Association

Vietnamese Artistic Photography Association

Channel City Camera Club, Santa Barbara Ca.

On Wednesday Jan 19, 2011

The 71st annual awards banquet was held at Valle Verde on the 10th of January 2011. The dinner was followed by a slide show of members award winning images in 2010, presentation of awards, introduction of the 2011 Board and a slide show by Gerry Aspen. Photo from the event are presented below,

On Monday Jan 17th, 2011


Lancaster Photography Association recently took a field trip to observe the judging and competition held through our Southern California Council.


Members in attendance are from back row left to right, Arliss Dawson, Helen Henry, Sue Craft, Cheryl Ross Front Row Left to right Douglass Wade, Nan Carder, Jerry Henry, Bill Sutton, Paul Craft and Jim Ross. It was a very rewarding time. 

On Friday Jan 14, 2011

Congratulations go to Sue Craft (Yosemite Valley View) and Lyle Trusty (Cedar Creek Grist Mill) for winning Honorable Mentions in the recent Photographic Society’s Electronic Imaging Division’s Interclub competition (Group2). They are both members of the Lancaster Photography Association in Lancaster California.

On Thursday Jan 13, 2011

Congratulations to Gia Trung President of the American Asian Photographic Salon Exhibitor Association, last year he refereed the total of 99 new members, this time one more makes the total of 100. Wow! That is a bunch a referrals good for you

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