I took my winning print “Another Old One” also called “Chrysler” at Bonneville Salt Flats State Park in Utah. During Speed Week the salt flats become alive with cars, old cars, new cars, fast cars, well I am sure you get the picture.
We always park at the end of the drag strip because that is where the action happens, at least some of it. I had my camera on a tripod and a long lens on, also a cable release. I usually have a circular polarizer on when I shoot on the salt flats to help cut down on the brightness. One more thing, remember shooting on white salt is like shooting in snow, adjust your camera to compensate for this.
Many of the people that are at the race come for the week so they bring a lot of fun stuff to display and take pictures of. If you look close at my picture, on the passengers side, the person sitting in the car is actually a fake skeleton with the bony hand sticking out the window. Like always, when at a place turn around. The best shot might be behind you.
It might surprise you with what you see.
Happy Shooting!
Helen Henry


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