Orange County Fair


Competing in the Orange County Fair is a little involved. Here is my experience.  In the end you are required to hand deliver a framed picture to the OC County Fairgrounds.

#1 First off, you have to sign up on the website. This includes your name etc.

#2 When competing here it all really starts with having to submit your digital entries.

Once you are logged into the site, you can click the links to upload your digital rendition of the print that will follow. The site is nice and easy to navigate.

#3 After your images are submitted the waiting game begins. They do send a email on every image that is submitted, wheathter accepted or not.  The email informs you of the judges decision,  and any commets they wish to give. It also contains a link, if accepted, to print out the paper work that needs to be attached to the back of your entry.

#4 After the email comes, the images must be framed to the spec of the OC Fair which is a great document on what they want and how.

#5 Delivering the framed images was very simple. We arrived, asked directions to the building , got pointed in the directions and headed that way. It was well marked and easy to find. Once inside the building it got even easier. Signs pointed the direction out for many receiving areas. The photography section had table to lay out your images. Here they where inspected and tagged by the staff. You received a envelope with additional info, a ticket to get in the fair and your tags to use when picking up your images after the fair is done.

This was all pretty simple. Now we have to wait for opening day!

I hate the waiting game!

More to come …….results, judges walk through, etc.

Good luck to all!


After waiting (ugh!) I had 3 of my images accepted. I had to frame them and deliver them. This was very easy to do. You can drive up to the building at the fairgrounds, follow the signs, which where easy to see, the people take a look at your pictures to make sure the framing and labeling are correct. And that was it!

I was notified that my images won something before I was able to go and see. I was invited to a very nice awards ceremony where they gave all the first place images nice portfolio bags. Very Nice!   My image “Seats” won first place and “Best in Division” for black and white and my other “Chrysler” received a HM. Yeah! I was thrilled.

After the fair is over you of course have to go and pick up your images. This is very simple, someone even helps you get them down . You are also given an envelope of people who are interested in your photo so you can contact them. This is very nice.

So, next year is fast approaching. Get your images ready and Good Luck!

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