A little tip


  I have seen a lot of images in my time. I am sure you have also. What have you noticed on quite a few? The focus? Or should I say that they are out of focus? Today we are going to learn a few things to help improve our image focus. One of the best way to start with this is to have our camera as steady as possible. Yes, you should use a tripod. This is the best method but they can be very heavy and often times they will anchor you to a spot. Who wants to move after you have taken all the time to get set perfect. Other things you can do is lean yourself against something, this will help you to stabilize yourself. Then you can focus on keeping your camera steady. The “Doggy Leash” method is simple. You attached a thinner, smaller, color of your choice, dog leash to the bottom of your camera. The other end goes under your foot and you pull up until the camera is at a comfortable level for your eye and the leash is tight. This will help stabilize and is a lot lighter than a tripod. If you are trying to get pictures of low things such as flowers try lying down and use your arms as a tripod. Put your elbows securely on the ground and hold your camera steady.  But remember the saying? “One photo out of focus is a mistake, ten photos out of focus are an experimentation, one hundred photos out of focus – that’s a style. ~Author Unknown”  Sometimes a little style can be great!

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