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Online Webinar January 31st

Mark Jansen: IPhoneography –
Getting The Shot Using Your Iphone

Start: January 31, 2013 2:00 PM
End: January 31, 2013 3:00 PM
Time Zone: EST
Tutor: Mark Jansen
Location: US
Language: English
Format: Webinar
In this webinar you will learn with IPhoneographer’s Mark Jansen and Holly Higbee-Jansen as they take you through some of their best images all taken on an IPhone. IPhoneography is catching on and more and more people are using these great smart phones to get some stunning pictures. Mark and Holly will discuss basic composition, handling iPhones for best capture, and a few simple and fun applications to get you started. Tools like the Manfrotto KLYP, auxiliary lenses and other great accessories will be discussed during this one hour webinar.

Jansen Photo Expeditions:

Jansen Photo Expeditions is the collaboration between two spirited and adventurous photographers, Mark Jansen and Holly Higbee-Jansen. With a prolific photographic career of bringing natural landscapes into peoples lives through many successful photographic installations and art exhibits, Mark has teamed with Holly over the last 20 years as Sierra Crest Photography and Mark Jansen Fine Art Photography. The teaming of these two professionals takes their clients on 1 – 5 day educational workshops throughout the American West and Beyond.

The most popular workshops include Big Sur, CA, Eastern Sierra, CA, Yosemite National Park, CA, Oregon Coast, and Tanzania, Africa. Their educational repertoire also includes private workshops and Photoshop classes. Both Mark and Holly complement each other with different artistic, organizational and navigational and outdoor skills to cover all the bases in a photographic sojourn to launch “Jansen Photo Expeditions”. This endeavor offers anyone flirting with the idea of moving his or her art into a new and different direction not found in other photo tours. Mark and Holly share components of their instinctual ability to find photographic solutions in any natural environment with the tools nature provides, and have been quite successful at it. They have associated with many well known outdoor groups and outings throughout the years. This has helped give them a unique perspective for the details of the natural environment. Both will get you where you must be at the right time and space to create your own special magic. They have been working together in the outdoors for 20 years and will share their knowledge eagerly.Between them they will be close by to answer any question you may have in regards to composition and exposure and offer suggestion on what you might want to try or just get you to an amazing location and let you create on your own! One thing for sure, you can expect the unexpected!





Email: Mark@markjansenphotography.com

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Online Webinar January 31st
Steve Gosling presents: Floral Art –
Creative flower & plant photography

Start: January 31, 2013 4:00 PM
End: January 31, 2013 5:00 PM
Time Zone: GMT
Tutor: Steve Gosling
Location: UK
Language: English
Format: Webinar
As a former award winner in the ‘Flower Photographer of the Year’ competition, Steve Gosling is well placed to talk about creative flower & plant photography. In this webinar he will talk about how to move beyond a botanical record shot of plants & flowers to produce an image that concentrates primarily on shape, form, color, texture and pattern.
His aim is to encourage and enable the production of fine art photographs that could happily grace the walls of any gallery. In the webinar he will cover the aesthetics of photography (composition and design) as well as describe a variety of creative techniques. He will also provide some practical hints and tips on the technical challenges faced by the flower & plant photographer.


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