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You’re Invited: Live Q&A Webcast Latest Photoshop CC Update with Scott Kelby

Hi gang—BIG NEWS! Today, Adobe released a major update to Photoshop CC with lots of amazing features, and of course, we want you to be on top of all of this (which is what this is all about), but we’ve also got some important Lightroom news, too.

Less than an hour from now (Tuesday, June 21nd, at 11am EDT), Scott Kelby is doing a LIVE Q&A session streamed on Facebook about the new release—come join us. We’re taking your questions and comments live!

IF YOU CAN’T MAKE THE QA: go check Scott’s blog—he’s got full coverage & videos posted there at

NEW CLASS: On Friday, we’re releasing a brand new class on all the new Photoshop CC 2015.5 features (yes, it’s called 2015.5 even though this is 2016. Yes, it’s a mystery).

ANOTHER NEW CLASS: Remember that poll we sent you where we asked which specific Photoshop class you wanted to learn next? Remember we said that whatever your #1 pick was, we’d produce that class next? Well, that’s what we did. Your #1 pick was Compositing, and on Friday we’re also releasing Scott’s new class on Masking Hair and Compositing (and yes, Scott had to redo the hair masking part because that’s one of the big new improvements in today’s new release of Photoshop).

MORE COMPOSITING LOVE: Scott’s compositing class is on the essentials, but we also have a new online class (just recorded literally yesterday), from the awesome Corey Barker, on Advanced Compositing techniques, and that will be rolling out within the next few weeks.

LIGHTROOM MOBILE KELBYONE MEMBER-ONLY WEBINAR TOMORROW: Adobe’s own Lightroom Mobile product manager Josh Haftel is at our studios this week, and it’s going to be a busy one:
He’s doing a LIVE special Lightroom Webinar just for KelbyOne members tomorrow (Wednesday)
He’s here taping a new Lightroom Mobile online class just for KelbyOne Members
He’s Scott’s guest this week on “The Grid” (Wednesday at 4:00pm EDT at

Lots of exciting stuff, and we’re so glad you’re here with us. BTW: We’ll send you a reminder tomorrow about Josh’s live KelbyOne member’s only Webinar.

Don’t forget to join us at 11:00am EDT at—it’s a new Photoshop love fest!

Watch the Webcast

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